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Finalmente la "casa del papa'"

DH1 Disaster House is a puzzling, yet pricey, alternative to homelessness » Coolest Gadgets: "DH1 Disaster House

DH1 Disaster House

Developed by California architect Gregg Fleishman comes the DH1 Disaster House, a shed that can be put up in an afternoon. It’s a deceptively simple idea. Create a house that one doesn’t need a single nail to build. That’s because the home is designed with tabs that make it more a 3D puzzle to put together.

Initially designed to aid hurricane victims, who have lost their homes, this alternative is designed to be a 14′ square shed built about 30″ off the ground. All one needs to do is unpack the stack of European birch plywood, put them together via the slots, and in about an hour, you have an instant place to hang your hat – porch included.

For the three room model, the house comes pre-cut into 276 panels of 28 different types providing 370 square feet in three rooms, two 9′ cubes and a 15′ wide beveled module.
The house would come in handy, however, it’s drawback is that it isn’t very waterproof and insulation is not included in the $22,000 sticker price, and hurricanes tend to be a tad on the wet side. So plastic tarps or a few of canopies would be an important accessory to keep out the rain.

Still, if the idea catches on and the cost drops due to similar, yet competitive alternatives, the DH1 Disaster House may not only help those in dire need of a place to stay, but could become the next popular thing in home improvement. I know it would fun to put one up in my back yard, and I could use an office.

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