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NOW Leader Tells Women to Divorce for Valentine's Day

the incredible ad above, has been appearing on the front page of the Detroit News' website this week. It urges men to buy the women in their lives sufficient Valentine's Day gifts or they'll get a punch in the face (note the man's black eye). The caption is "Don't let this be her response."

NOW Leader Tells Women to Divorce Their Husbands for Valentine's Day.
'Take Their Money, Hit Them Where It Hurt$'

Feminist family law attorney Sherri Donovan, National Counsel for the National Organization for Women, is urging women to greet their husbands this Valentine's Day with the words, "Happy Valentine's Day -- Let's Get Divorced!!"

In a recent press release, Donovan, of the New York City family law firm Sherri Donovan & Associates, P.C., enthuses that "Valentine's Day is the most popular time of year to seek a divorce attorney." Author of the new book Hit Him Where It Hurt$: The Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Divorce - Alimony, Custody, Child Support, Donovan says that in divorce women too often "play-nice" and end up "screwed."

Donovan asserts that "the average woman experiences a forty-five percent drop in her standard of living after divorce," even though this statistic--produced by Lenore Weitzman in the mid1980s--has been discredited for over a decade, with Weitzman herself admitting her error.

According to Donovan's website, Donovan can be reached by phone at (917) 723-1163 or at (212) 431-9076, by email at, or by fax at (212) 431-9596. Her press agent, Beth Gissinger, can be reached at (508) 427-6757.

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